Weekend Project: jQuery CountDown Plugin

Here is my second jQuery plugin: CountDown and also third weekend project. CountDown plugin is simply calculates time different between two dates and also count down second by second.

Until parameter should be from future otherwise plugin throws an error. Another date parameter will be setted now automatically. Date formats are is the same as CountUp plugin.

PHP Microtime Class

Microtime is a useful function that “returns the current Unix timestamp with microseconds.” [1] So as in normal this can be useful for time tracking, but also needs some arrangements. I figured out this as a simple class. Example: [code lang=”php”] //get instance $time = new time(); //start with died parameter (default false) $time->start($died = true); //do nothing for...

Weekend Project: jQuery CountUp Plugin

This is my first jQuery plugin and also second weekend project. CountUp plugin is simply calculates time different between two dates and also iterates second by second. One of the dates should be from past and second date will be setted automatically present. Then plugin gonna find how many time passed until now in three different format. These formats are full date (by year, month, day etc.)...

Weekend Project: ZipCodes with GMaps

During the internship, i’d been working on google data and maps api. So i want to asess this knowledge. Previous week, started to writing a small script that helps finding zip codes on a map. Basicly, it uses google geocoding, geolocation and google maps. On the first hand, browser detecs (permission needed) your location (longitude&latitude). Then script requests to google with curl...

Future Posts Widget

WordPress allows us to schedule posts. Especially on community blogs it’s a great point. Write more than one post at once and schedule them, that’s it.
In this story, scheduled posts can be shown on a widget. And wordpress has a widgets api of course. Future Posts Widget just shows draft /scheculed/pending posts in sidebar.
Plugin is available on wordpress.org:

Customize RSS WP Plugin

My first plugin was Another Author Box. It’s all about front-end knowledge.
So now, I’ve investigated another functions to add signature or similiar contents to rss output. In conclusion, Customize RSS plugin is launched.
This plugin lets you to add links or what ever you want to feed content.

Message position (top or bottom) and default hr element is configurable on settings page.

First WP Plugin: Another Author Box

Firstly, author box was static, i just added html codes to single.php. Then when i have a look at WordPress API, changed my mind and this turned into a plugin. As you can see in image, Another Author Box plugin shows a box on posts/pages which includes profile photo, name, bio and some social media links. Bio is provided by wp profile bio. Also profile photo is from grAvatar. This version has...

Hello World

After three years Turkish blog experience, i decided to write in English. So registered a new domain (ogulcanorhan.com) and moved my blog. Actually a few months ago; before launched my first wordpress plugin, needed an English blog to post plugins instruction. But i delayed it until now. I’m thinking of write about wp plugins, android apps and some php tricks. I hope, this process gonna be...